Christopher Stone bullied

britains got talent

britains got talent

Christopher Stone the Britain’s Got Talent hopeful has told how he was sadly bullied for years in school because he was different. He was repeatedly teased when he grew up in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

Christopher from Manchester is a 28 year old who works in accountancy has already had over 140,000 YouTube hits for his performance of ‘Maria’ from West Side Story

“I was bullied from day one until the day I left. Day in, day out,” he told The Sun. “It started off being physical and became mental afterwards – but the mental bullying was worse by far.

“Bruises heal but the pain from mental bullying doesn’t just go away. You start to think to yourself, ‘Am I really an awful person? Am I that bad that people don’t like me?’ You start to doubt yourself and think you deserve it.

“They called me a girl, a poof, all sorts of things. I liked music, I was a freak – that’s what they thought. I don’t want to wallow in it. It’s not about that, but it was difficult. People who know me know what I went through.”