Christopher Stone’s parents sell house

britains got talent

britains got talent

Christopher Stone’s parents had to sell there home to fund to pay for his West End dreams

Christopher who was the final act for the ITV1 talent show Britain’s Got Talent promised he will pay back every penny if he is the winner and gets the £100,000 prize

28 year old Christopher’s parents sold there lovely three bedroom house to pay for his music tuition when he was 16. So far the bill has run up to £60,000 and now they have to live above an Indian takeaway so he can try and fulfill his West End dreams, despite the fact he dropped out of music school when he was 20

“My dad sold his house when I was 16 so he could afford to put me into music school and then university,” he told the Daily Star Sunday.

“He sold a lovely three-bedroom semi with a big garden and moved into a small, two-bedroom flat above an Indian takeaway so I could follow my dream.

“In total my parents have probably spent about £60,000 on all my various fees and lessons. But when I was 20, I dropped out of music school because I could no longer afford the fees. Now this is my big chance to follow my dream again.”